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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Capturing spiritual terms, concepts in easily understandable terms is like trying to catch the wind. When one has spiritual inspirations, clarity, visions they are often so CLEAR in your mind, but the language to describe or define them drastically falls short.

This is my attempt to describe, decipher, and define spiritual terms in ways we can relate. But, the truth is that all things Spirit, Soul, and of God are not ever able to be fully understood, contained, nor stopped from infinitely evolving and expanding.

Still, in this moment right now, these are the terms that best and most closely convey my current understanding of spirituality. And because we are continually evolving this document will continue to evolve, as well.

Alignment: Being aligned means that you are grounded in your Soul, connected to the Source of All, and being Spirit led in the moment. When one is aligned it feels peaceful, joyful, and filled with genuine gratitude. When one is connected to Source it is very powerful as you are plugging in to your full power.

Soul: Refers to that force deepest within us that is connected to everything in the Universe. It is an extension and part of that which we call God… the Universe...Source...Divine Being...Inner Being, etc… The Soul is what was referred to in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 it says “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.”

There are many names given to it because there are people are of different cultures, belief systems, and spiritual developmental stages. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is the same loving, abundant, ever expanding, and infinite life giving force that we all have within us and have access to.

The Soul is a force of love and always is working in our favor. There are times when we just KNOW something to be true (for us). That is your Soul speaking to you.

Human: Refers to the physical part of our body and conscious thought of our mind. The human form tends to make decisions and responds to life based on what it sees, feels, tastes, touches, and smells. The human form seeks it’s identity and measures it’s value in external rewards such as: approval of others, financial security, how one looks, possessions one has, what they do for a living.

Human tendencies are to worry about “what if’s”, have a strong desire to be right, tend to be lack minded (or see the glass as half empty) and tend to believe see the differences between them and others, rather than the commonalities.

Some people refer to this as “Ego”.

Human generated thoughts tend to be just that… thoughts. These thoughts rear their worried little heads in the middle of the night, during times of change from the norm. Though they are trying to protect us from harm, they actually do more harm than good by creating stress.

Spirit: Refers to the connection between the Soul and the Human. Spirit is an extension of the Soul and guides, leads, leaves clues for the human to follow to it’s most amazing life experience. While Soul is the ground of our being. Spirit is the electrical force that turns things on and makes things come together.

Some people call it Holy Spirit, Spirit Guide, Inner Being, Intuition.

Spirit guides our thoughts but only to the extent of what we allow. That is why awareness of Spirit is SO IMPORTANT. It’s like having the greatest GPS system that leads you to your favorite places and beyond your wildest dreams, but unless you tune in and turn it on you will not be using it.

Yourself/Myself: Refers to the human form

Your Self/ My Self: Refers to the Soul/Spirit within.

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