Empowered Emerging: Finding Your Power While Facing Uncertainty and Making Your Impact.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

We are experiencing a worldwide #Pandemic that caused major shifts in all of our lives. It is an unprecedented event. Most of us are experiencing some level of uncertainty because of the affects of #Covid19.

There are #financialhardships, lingering negative effects from social isolation, and wondering when (and if) we will get back to "normal".

The truth is we are not going to ever return to "normal". Too much has shifted. Too much has changed. We can't go back.

And that's ok... That's GOOD actually.

Realizing that we no longer know what "normal" means might be scary to some of us...most of us... just about ALL of us.

We all have the power to create an even better "normal"... a new day... and a better world for everyone when we do one thing.

You might think "I am one person. If I do something it doesn't affect anyone or anything. How is that even relevant to the world at large?"

What you do affects everything that happens in the new re-emerging world.

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? The Butterfly Effect suggests that "a seemingly insignificant initial point of action can bring about vastly different outcomes". The common inference implies that tiny causes, like the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil, can have HUGE effects like setting off a tornado in Kansas.

You... being fully YOU... your BEST self as we #reemerge back into the world is VITAL to create a better world...the world we once knew was possible but somehow lost belief that it could exist.

Often when situations are happening in the world around us (like political power struggles... natural disasters... or a worldwide pandemic) we feel powerless. But you have more power than you realize.

At the core of who you are, the deepest and smallest part of you, is #vibrational. It's energy! At the subatomic level we are all a vibrational force that is connected to everything in the #universe.

How we feel changes the frequency of our core vibration. When we feel emotions we send frequency waves out into the atmosphere. The #emotions of #gratitude and joy vibrate at a higher frequency than anger, guilt, unworthiness. Whatever frequencies we are sending out line up with like frequencies that bring back similar frequencies to what we put out.

When we feel happiness, gratitude, and joy we are lining up with life experiences that help us feel more happiness, gratitude, and joy. When we feel worry, anger, and unworthiness whether we know it or not we are lining up with life experiences that bring more things to worry about, make us angry, and feel unworthy.

What we are feeling either elevates, neutralizes, or slows down the positive vibration of the world around us.

You being at peace, happy, optimistic, or grateful actually helps elevate the world to a better, healthier, happier level.

You feeling fear, anger, grief, or sadness (about the old "normal") slows down the vibration and adds to the heaviness that is going on around us.


Just to clarify, it is very important to feel exactly what you are feeling. Be honest, acknowledge the emotion you feel, and seek to understand why you feel that way.

But, you have a choice of: 1) staying there and expanding the fear we feel OR 2) realizing that "everything is working out in my favor", relaxing a bit, and expanding the vibrations of peace and acceptance.

The Coronavirus has shut down the world in many ways. The majority of comments and perspectives on social media and in the news point to "what is WRONG with our world?".

But, if we look closely we will see that the world is healing.

The pollution is dissipating.

Animals on land and in the water are multiplying and seem healthier and happier. Some people are getting back to work. We have had to adjust and change the way we do thing but there are many great things that are happening.

The world being shut down has caused us all to slow down, simplify, and think a little more about what matters most. We are spending more quality time with family. We are eating dinner together, playing games, making music together, and re-connecting in great ways.

When your computer or iPhone has too many apps running it gets overloaded and starts to "glitch". We as a society have been overloaded and "glitching". We are seeing more things that are wrong than going right. We are focused on more things that divide us then bring us together by seeing the commonalities.

Now is the time to tune out the things that cause anger, frustration, and get in touch with what matters most...what brings you peace, joy, and gratitude.

Give yourself the gift of time. Each day take a few moments to unplug from the outside world and connect to what brings you peace, joy, excites you. Take a walk outside. Listen to your favorite music. Dance like nobody is watching. Take a drive along a scenic road. Meditate. Pray. Exercise. Do whatever you need to do to feel connected to the whole of who you are.

Right now we are isolated to a certain extent. Unfortunately, that is not going to change any time soon.

It's like we are billions of caterpillars forced into our cocoons.

Photo Courtesy of Patricia Carriere

We are shut off from what we know of the "normal" outside world and are inside of our cocoons. As with every big challenge we are changing from the inside out and growing into the fullness of who we really are.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Carriere

We are given this time to get clear on what matters most, who we are becoming through all of this, and even more of what is possible as we re-emerge after this experience.

This is the metamorphosis. This is the time to rest, reflect, and grow our wings.

The butterfly is starting to emerge with its antennae to experience the world around it. Its wings are still coiled up and ready to expand.

As it explores the world around it in a new way... its wings are beginning to unfold. At this time it is so perfect that Patricia Carriere captured this picture. In the photo below is the word "me". You see... it is YOU... spreading your wings... learning how to fly after all of this that will make a positive impact on the world.

Photo Courtesy of Patricia Carriere

The #ButterflyEffect In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

An example of this is the flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. While this may not realistically be the case, it is a good example of the idea that tiny changes in complex systems can cause huge effects.

So, you see, you are important. You... one person... can have a huge impact in the world. So, it is vital to take the time now to get to know who you are at the core. Get clear on your purpose, vision, and mission in life. Follow what feels good and makes you happy and that send out vibrational frequencies that will expand into the world.

Discover your best daily practices to being your best Self to every day. And do those practices every day.

You... being YOU is the most important thing you can do to impact the world in the greatest way.

xo Debbie

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